Puerto Madryn Travel Attractions

Puerto Madryn is a beautiful city in the Chubut province in the Argentine part of Patagonia. It is the head town in the department of Vied\ma and has a sizable population.

Founded in the year 1865, there were some Welsh immigrants who came here in the Port Madryn which is a natural port. This port was named after the estate of Sir Love Jones parry which was called “Madryn”. Later the settlement grew here and soon the region started growing. The railway line Central Chubut Railway opened in the year 1888. Puerto Madryn is protected by the Golfo Nuevo. The Punta Ninfas and the Peninsula Valdes formed this. This is a great tourist centre for all who visit the natural regions of the Peninsula Valdes and also the coast for unusual and unique beaches.

Puerto Madryn
There is a new mall here which is the recent attraction and which has greatly helped tourism to develop here well. So today Puerto Madryn is a greatly attractive place and has international and domestic tourists visiting this part of the world. There is a small town Nefyn which lies in the Llyn Peninsula which is situated in the North Wales.

Puerto Madryn

This lovely region here in this beautiful region of the Golfo Nuevo, has been formed by the Punta Ninfas and has a semi desert climate and is a greatly interesting place to be in.

Punta Ninfas
Normally people come here to watch the lovely and graceful whales and also indulge in diving and other water sports activities. So if the tourists want to enjoy adventure sports then Puerto Madryn is the place to be in and it is a great sight to see the lovely picturesque surroundings come alive.

At Puerto Madryn you would get to see the lovely sand hills which are golden in colour. People normally come here and they love to see the sand boarding. Tourists come here to enjoy sand boarding, snowboarding and sand surfing which are popular activities here. There are lots of tourists who come here just to enjoy the lovely adventures here in this part of the world. Explore the Madryn slopes and enjoy the freestyle contests that so form a great experience here.

Then visit the Parana beach cliffs which are great places to paraglide. It is interesting to see gliders take off at a height of around 20 meters and then travel around 500 metres and head towards the Punta Este. There are access areas, which show the best scenic splendour.

Parana beach
Another great activity in Madryn is snorkeling which is a very intensively pursued sport here. This is very popular in areas like Punta Este, Cerro Avanzado, Kaiser, and also the Punta Cuevas Beaches. Here is where you would find the best kind of sub aquatic life which is a greatly interesting sight for all the tourists who come to this part of the world. Tourists coming here enjoy the lovely diving equipment which are available here. The wetsuits, and the diving masks and the swim fins are all fascinating sights. Then there is the Argentinian Sea coast which is another area to be enjoyed and tourists coming here simply love to be in this land.

Adventurous activities like kayaking and windsurfing are also major attractions for all those who come to this part of world. Nuevo Gulf is another zone which has the best sights of sea lions and dolphins. All the tourists who love to see the different species of birds get the best sights here in Puerto Madryn.

With the greatest travel sights and the best tourist pleasures , Puerto Madryn is an ideal destination, for all the travelers who come to this part of the world.