Romantic getaways in California for a Honeymoon

If your idea of a honeymoon is unlike the majority that prefer grand exotic extravaganzas to distant touristy locales around the world that have only one fault – they are too touristy, too crowded, these destinations have many times sacrificed many rewarding aspects of the place just to attract tourists, that these places have lost much of the attributes what made them attractive in the first places. Commercialism, when its borders are crossed, has a tendency of getting insipid.

If you prefer the quiet, more secluded kind of vacations for your honeymoon, there is no place else to look at other than California. The state has a huge number of destinations that are the very epitome of what makes for a romantic honeymoon, and it is certainly not necessary to spend a whole bundle of money in the way of air fare, lodging and other expenses just so that you go to a fancy destination for your honeymoon, when one of these romantic getaways in California will more than provide the perfect setting for romance.

Ideas for Romantic getaways in California, for a honeymoon –

Big Sur –

Big Sur is among the definitive destinations that simply smell of romance. There are a whole range of unique destinations here that cater to all types of budgets, tastes and interests. The beaches here are picture perfect in their beauty.

Carmel by the Sea –

Carmel has a typically storybook style of architecture in the town, and is definitely the right kind of setting to craft your own story in romance. Carmel is among the most romantic getaways in California.

Catalina Island –

Catalina Island is another rewarding destination that has a palpable sense of romance in the air, there are a good number of excellent locations here, such as the Inn on Mt Ada. You can stay in the numerous bed and breakfasts here that are cozy and affordable.

La Jolla –

La Jolla has been described as one of the most exquisite settings in the southern side of California. There are some gourmet restaurants here that serve some excellent fare from all over the world. The La Jolla has a heavenly romantic cliff side walkway.

Laguna Beach –

The classic beach destination that has been famous since ages, Laguna Beach is a famous destination that has been visited by couples since years.