Romantic Getaways in Washington State

Washington State has a veritable wealth of romantic spots. The state is plush with a great number of spots that are suitable for couples on a holiday together, or honeymooners. Apart from the beaches here, plus the islands such as San Juan, there are a great number of excellent romantic getaways in Washington State.

The following list is meant to help you decide among the major romantic getaways in Washington State, and there are a great number of excellent hotels and resorts that cater to couples. There are some excellent deals on offer here, as well as a whole number of excellent packages. There is no dearth to quality here.

A list of romantic getaways in Washington state –

Island Orcas

The San Juan Island is certainly the most beautiful among the islands part of the Orcas chain of islands, and is placed pretty close to the northern coast of Washington State. There are a good number of some of the best beaches here, pristine sands and crystal clear waters here make for a heavenly beach holiday. There are a number of excellent resorts here that have good deals on offer. The Moran State Park, Rosario and the Bei Dou are rewarding destinations. Mount Constitution, standing at a height of four hundred and nine feet, have some heavenly views of the nearby islands.

The Ocean Beaches

The Ocean here is home to a peaceful summer retreat that is the best destination to head to if you want some respite from the madding crowds. The pace of life here is definitely on the easy going side. The Ocean is located at the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, and has a whole lot of activities on offer, such as biking, horse rentals, digging for razor clams in the afternoon, beach combing, and a whole range of fun stuff. There are a good number of excellent hotels and resorts here as well.

Columbia River

The Columbia River is referred to as the North west Gateway to the Pacific, and is certainly among the most romantic getaways in Washington state, with a huge collection of water falls. The region is home to the world’s largest concentration of waterfalls. Now here else in the world will you see such density in terms of water falls. There are a good number of fun activities on offer. There are some excellent activities such as skiing, horseback riding, wind surfing, rock climbing and others.