Romantic Getaways in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is among the most scenic states in the entire upper Midwest region. The state has miles of farmland that seems to stretch infinitely. The landscapes here are picture perfect in their beauty, and make for a whole number of romantic getaways in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has Great Lakes surrounding it, as well as a huge number of streams and glacial lakes here, there are a good number of water bodies here, that have innumerous opportunities on offer for all manner of water sports.

The natural formations in Wisconsin also receive their share of visitors. The state also has a good part of its area under forest land, some areas thicker than the rest. The Door Peninsula, which is situated at the east of Wisconsin, has a number of quaint hamlets here, as well as some beautiful locations. There are a good number of travelers coming here to see the beautiful natural attractions that complement any trip.

The state of Wisconsin also has a huge number of activities on offer; there are so many things to do here. There are a number of sports on offer, from some excellent ski slopes and top notch golf courses; there is no dearth to activities in Wisconsin. You can try your hand at fishing, or bike at the various scenic trails. Wisconsin is also home to the largest settlement of the Amish people, and you can take a long drive through this region if you want a glimpse at the culture and way of life of the people. There are a good number of romantic getaways in Wisconsin.

There is the Inn at Wawanissee Point, which is a B and B lodge that is located at the vicinity of the popular Wisconsin Dells and Devil’s Falls. The Inn sits on a property of forty two acres of area, and is definitely among the romantic getaways in Wisconsin. There are a great number of excellent locations, especially at the forests, with a view that extends to an amazing thirty six miles. There are a range of modern facilities and a good list of services on offer here. There are only four guest rooms here, which make for an intimate stay. There are massages on offer at the spa here.

Mansion Hill Inn is another rewarding accommodation here, located in Madison city. The Romanesque Revival style building here dates back to the year 1857, and there are a number of aspects that will make the stay here memorable. There are eleven guest rooms in total, most of which come with excellent balconies, or marble fireplaces.