Six great places to visit in France

France is a great country to visit, with some great destinations in both northern and southern France. From the city of Paris, to the island of Corsica, you can be sure of having a great vacation in France. For those interested in visiting France you should consider some of the following six destinations.


Corsica is a French island located in the Mediterranean. This Mediterranean island has a number of resorts along its coastline such as the Porto-Vecchio with its renowned beaches such as Palombaggia. On the western coast of Corsica lies the town of Porto, a UNESCO heritage site with an old watchtower at the top of the red cliffs. Aside from its coastline, Corsica also has more mountainous terrain and landscapes further inland. Other highlights of Corsica include Corsica’s Natural Park which has many of the island’s highest mountain peaks. Here you will find a diverse range of wildlife such as golden eagles, deer and bears. So, Corsica is a great holiday destination.



The French Riviera:

The French Riviera is a stretch of coast in the south of France which includes a number of great towns and cities such as Nice, Cannes, Monaco and St Tropez. St Tropez is famous for its summer hotspots and beaches. In addition to this, you can also visit Napoleon Museum in Monte Carlo, Matisse Museu and the Promenade des Anglais. The Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix are also held at Cannes and Monaco.


Monte Carlo

Mont St Michel:

In northern France Mont St Michel is also recommended. This tidal island includes museums such as the museum of history and maritime and ecology museum. Or alternatively, you can visit Mont St Michel abbey. Websites such as TripAdvisor ranks Mont St Michel second in its top 25 French destinations.


Chamonix and the French Alps:

France also has a segment of the great Alps mountain range. As such, there is a number of skiing and winter sport resorts scattered along the French Alps, although Chamonix is probably one of the biggest. Chamonix staged the first Winter Olympics back in 1924, and so it has a number of great skiing areas along the Chamonix Valley. Chamonix also includes the largest mountain in France, and Western Europe, Mont-Blanc which can provide some spectacular views of the Alps.



For a history lover, there’s no better place in France to visit than the coast of Normandy, host of D-Day in 1944. There are several memorials along the beaches, so one of the area’s guided tours will ensure you don’t miss any iconic World War II sights. Not just for history lovers, Normandy is in beautiful French countryside and boasts the great abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. The castle-like abbey is a mix of a fortress and a cathedral, an eclectic mix that makes for some unique atmosphere and architecture.


Honfleur, Normandy


The capital includes the second largest tower in Europe, the Eiffel Tower, which at over 300ft dominates the Paris skyline. Europe’s only Disneyland is in Paris which is a great destination for all Disney fans. Famous European art galleries such as the Louvre which displays a variety of art including the famed Mona Lisa painting, and has landscaped gardens, are among the city’s highlights. Great cathedrals such as the Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame Cathedral beside the River Seine are also located in Paris.


These are six great places to visit in France for a vacation. For further details Official France tourism website is recommended.