St Lucia honeymoon ideas

Since more than five to ten years, the island of St Lucia in the Caribbean has continually been at the receiving end of a whole number of accolades from prestigious travel publications and websites as a leading honeymoon destination in the world. St Lucia is indeed a top honeymoon destination that has all the elements that make for a quality experience whether you are having a wedding or a honeymoon here.

The island is an unsullied paradise that has a palpable sense of romance in the air, and the beaches here are home to pristine sands and crystal clear waters that make for a heavenly holiday, whichever way you look at it. A St Lucia honeymoon is the perfect chance to build romance and to cement the relationship further.

The Landings St. Lucia

St Lucia lies Windward group of islands, and is fondly referred to as the “Helen of the West Indies”, for its remarkable beauty. Truly, the island is exquisite in its being. There are a whole range of exotic charms that form part of the allure. The great number of natural attractions is also combined with the pulsating nightlife as well as the unique culture here. St Lucia honeymoon packages are available from a number of major resorts all over the island. There are also numerous acts related to music and dance here. The St Lucia Jazz festival, which is held annually, is an example.

St Lucia has a plethora of heavenly beaches. The major concentration of beaches is at the region along the north eastern coast of the island. These beaches are picture perfect in their beauty, and have pristine white sands as well as crystal clear blue waters, swaying palm trees and all the works necessary for a great beach destination. There are a good number of facilities in the more popular beaches, and you can also search out remote beaches that have virtually no crowding at all. There is a whole number of these.


Also there is a whole range of excellent resorts, hotels and holiday rentals and things to do at St Lucia. There are a good number of St Lucia Honeymoon resorts as well that are well known for here. The pace of life here is extremely on the easy going side. Fishing boats dot the horizon and the calm sea is home to some beautiful attractions. There is a whole number of land attractions, such as the Piton Mountains.