Travel the Grand Tour of Switzerland with a camper

If you want to experience an adventure that raises adrenaline, dazzling with the beauty and power of nature, you should go the next spring or summer on a great journey to Switzerland. The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a new route that will take you all over the country.

Grand tour of Switzerland: overview and main attractions

The first section starts near Zurich and runs on the picturesque Lake Constance at the foot of the Alps on the border between Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The Rhine waterfalls of post-glacial origin are a great attraction in the vicinity of Schaffhausen. They have an impressive width (150 m) and create a scenic spectacle of nature. Of course, you can’t miss Zurich itself – a city with a rich history, situated among the hills on the crystal clear Limmat River flowing into the lake. In the local Art Museum, you can see Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures, and in the city you can look for traces of Dadaists.

The Grand Tour is 1643 km long and runs through four language zones, five Alpine passes, eleven UNESCO World Heritage places, as well as two Biosphere Reserves and 22 lakes. The route provides a complete overview of Switzerland with its beautiful, picturesque views and cultural treasures. It can be travelled by car, camper, motorcycle or train. It leads you through traditional mountain villages, vibrant cities, amazing passages, between lakes, through almost all the cantons of Switzerland.

Exploring Grand Tour with camper

The journey is easy to organize as the route is divided into twelve sections. They take at least eight days to travel, but you can, of course, slow down the pace of the journey or choose only the part you are interested in. The whole thing guarantees an incredible variety of experiences during the journey through multicultural regions, four language areas and the fantastic landscapes that are changing like a kaleidoscope. “The “Grand Tour of Switzerland” can be travelled by car, motorbike or camper. The most recommended way of transport at the Grand Tour is camper. Why?

Camper is an ideal way of transport in Switzerland. Not only because it significantly reduces travel costs, thanks to relatively low fuel prices. In the country alone, caravanning fans will find more than 400 campsites with nearly 60,000 beds. Their prices in the summer season do not exceed those in Italy or Spain. When going to Switzerland by camper, it is worth remembering about the restrictive road traffic regulations, violation of which can be associated with severe penalties. On highways, the maximum speed limit is 100 km/h, while on motorways only 120 km/h. When travelling by camper, you can take everything you need, including enough food and warm clothes. It’s also a great option for cycling enthusiasts who can easily transport their bikes at the back of the camper.

You don’t have your own camper?

If you don’t have a camper, a good option for you is to rent a camper in Switzerland. Travelling with the camper is there very common thus you can rent the camper in almost every bigger city in Switzerland. If you would like to do it you can check camper rental company that has a large choice of camper models, with different sizes and prices.