Vietnam holidays: the Mekong Delta

A Vietnam Holiday in the Mekong Delta

A Vietnam holiday in the Mekong Delta is a trip into the heart of the country’s agricultural hub and life force. The nations rice basket, located in the southwest, is responsible for over half Vietnams total rice output and home to a vast number of farming and fishing villages. Subsequently, visiting the delta on a Vietnam holiday will expose the working lives of the rural Vietnamese and offer an insight into the inner workings of this fascinating country.


Life in the Delta Region

Flowing from its original source in Tibet, the majestic Mekong River runs through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia before forming the channels of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and then emptying out into the South China Sea. Also referred to as the ‘Nine Dragon River Delta’ due to the nine estuaries that unleash the rivers water into the sea, the region is home to a variety of landscapes, from the low lying flood plains of the south, to the mountains in the north, offering a scenic wonderland to a Vietnam holiday.


Life on the delta takes place on the banks of the complex canal system which winds through traditional fishing villages, groves of tropical fruit trees and local industrial sites such as sugarcane factories. Floating markets are an everyday occurrence, taking place in the early hours of dawn through till late morning and provide brilliant photographic opportunities for your Vietnam holiday album. The Mekong Delta is awash with life and activity, and a fantastic destination for a Vietnam holiday.


Mekong Delta Stop Off for your Vietnam Holiday

There are many stop offs within the Mekong Delta that could be included in a Vietnam holiday, but for a prime location from which to access the floating markets, try Cantho. Here you can hire boats from the riverside and travel the 6km to the market of Cai Rang, one of the biggest in the delta. Alternatively, boat trips can be arranged to some of the less frequented markets further a field. As the last town of the delta before crossing over into Cambodia, Chau Doc also makes for an interesting stop off. A short distance away lies the sacred ‘Sam Mountain’, valued by locals due to the number of temples and pagodas that line its slopes. For an escape from the hustle and bustle of the delta region, Phu Quoc island is easily accessible from Rach Gia. Phu Quoc provides sleepy stretches of white sandy beaches and forested mountains, a perfect hideaway to round off your trip. To truly appreciate the history and culture of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta can easily be combined with a trip to the former city of Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City. The contrasting environments of traditional rural villages to the buzzing atmosphere of a thriving city make for an all encompassing Vietnam holiday experience. If you are planning a longer stay in Vietnam a professional company can find you an affordable apartment in Vietnam.

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