6 things you should know before renting a house in Dubai

Dubai – is not only a tourist’s haven, but it’s also a land of great potential in terms of infrastructural excellence and job opportunities. With the stable growth in the economy and the world-class infrastructure, it is one of the most sought out places for people looking for jobs. So for people landing up in Dubai, one of the crucial factors that they have to focus on is to look out for a house for rent in Dubai. There are different options available for a person who wants to rent a house in Dubai based on their budget and lifestyle, and there are certain things that a person has to have in mind before renting out a house.

Here is a list of things that could benefit if you are looking out for renting a house in Dubai.

house for rent in Dubai

  • Identify your property from popular and trustworthy websites like fazwaz.ae. Choose a location that would be ideal for you based on your and your family’s needs.
  • After deciding the property, the next step would be to make an offer from your end. Unlike other countries, houses are rented out on an annual basis. The landlords also look out for less number of checks. Before you sign the deal verify the details of the location and if you are unsure about the property, try pitching in short term rental agreements.
  • To make sure that the property is reserved for you, you need to pay a security deposit of at least a month’s rent so that the landlord or the agent holds on to this amount till the deal is finalized. Don’t forget to collect the receipt for the payment you made.
  • The landlord or the agent would want you to submit certain documents like your passport or visa copy, after which the rental contract will be signed by both the parties. Make sure that the document is signed by the landlord at the time of registering your tenancy.
  • Register yourself with the RERA laws through the rental contract, an organization that regulates the relationship between the tenant and the landlord in Dubai will be of great help to you as a tenant. The good news about renting a house in Dubai is that you are protected by the laws of the nation by registering your tenancy online.
  • As a final step, set up your DEWA account, a service that transfers the supply of electricity and water from one to another based on the tenant’s needs.

There are other things too, that you need to have in mind before you move into your house. Get the house cleaned and ensure that the house is presented in a livable condition. Settle down the service charges if any, before shifting to your new house. Get the necessary keys for the house and check whether there are any maintenance charges involved. Most importantly, preserve a copy of the rental contract. Though initially, it might seem a tough task, renting a house in Dubai is relatively simple. Wishing you a happy hunting and a pleasant stay in the land of wonders!!