9 Reasons To Choose Bali As Your Honeymoon Destination

When trying to decide where you should go on your honeymoon there are so many places to consider! Do you want an island getaway? A relaxing spa resort or a tropical jungle adventure? Well, Bali has all of this packed into one exotic and incredibly beautiful island. Whilst Bali enjoys year round sunshine and warm weather its absolute peak season is from December to the end of January with plenty of families opting for an overseas Christmas. And while June through to August is considered the high season, it’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes the in-between seasons like March, April, and October tend to be quieter, cheaper, and perfect for honeymooners!

Green rice terraces on Bali

Green rice terraces on Bali

Some quick information about Bali: Bali is considered the Island of Gods; mainly because the primary religion among locals is Hindu but there are also practicing Buddhists and Muslims. There are tonnes of beautifully crafted temples and shrines scattered across the island, and if you’re up early enough you’ll see offerings laid out by the locals for the gods. These can include flowers, biscuits, leaves, and even cigarettes! It’s important to keep in mind that even though Bali is sometimes known as a party island, it’s vital that you respect their culture and religion or you could find yourself in a little bit of trouble.

Now, here are our top nine reasons why you should consider Bali as your honeymoon destination.


You get the best of both worlds in Bali. In fact, you practically get every world imaginable! Bali’s northern towns like Permuteran and Mengagen Island are relatively untouched so don’t be surprised if you get mobbed by a gaggle of young school girls who have never seen someone quite like you before. However, as soon as you get to areas such as Ubud, Seminyak, and Kuta you’ll be just one face among thousands of tourists. However, this is where some of the best resorts and hotels are. Whilst Kuta is famous for its markets, clubs and cheap alcohol, Ubud has some of the most beautiful rice fields, tea plantations and jungle’s you’ve ever experienced. Also, keep in mind most of these areas are quite close together (Kuta to Ubud is about a 90 minutes drive) so there is no reason why you can’t explore everywhere.

landscape of interior Bali

landscape of interior Bali

Island Hopping

There are quieter even more beautiful islands just off the coast. If you have the time and want to explore a little more of the incredible Indonesian archipelago Lombok, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno are a short ferry ride from the main Bali port. With pristine and gorgeous beaches, these islands tend to be a lot quieter and less touristy than Bali. Gili Trawangan even has a strict no motor vehicle policy; only horses and push bikes are allowed on the island.


There are tonnes of activities in Bali suitable for everyone. Whether you’re into jet skiing, quad biking, white water rafting or if you would like to experience an elephant sanctuary Bali has it all. While your honeymoon is meant to be a peaceful and relaxing time, sometimes you need a little bit more of an adrenaline rush! It’s super easy to get package deals with the resort you’re staying at or just wander down to Poppy’s lane in Kuta and you’re bound to get some great ideas.

Family vacation in Bali


Bali is home to some of the best spas in South East Asia. Now this is definitely a necessity when you’re honeymooning! Most spa’s offer full day relaxation packages for you and your partner or you can pick and choose the treatments you want. Whether that is aromatherapy massage, deep tissue or even a chocolate body mask, Bali spas have an excellent range of treatments.

Resorts & Villas

With almost the entire island’s population working in its thriving hospitality industry, it comes as no surprise that Bali has an incredible range of world class resorts and privately owned villas. High end beach resorts such as The Oberoi, Ayana, and Le Meridian are extremely popular with honeymooners and are a good option when wanting the full resort experience. However, villas in Bali are in abundance with over 20,000 now built and most available to rent. These villas have their own private staff so you will have a hotel experience within your own private spacious villa, making it an ideal accommodation for honeymooners and wedding parties.

Amandari Resort

Amandari Resort


In the past few years, Bali has been growing at an exponential rate with many new restaurants opening their doors. The food standards are constantly raised, and now you can find many of the world’s best chefs are now resident in Bali, opening their own restaurants or running the kitchen of 5 star hotels. You can dine in the most romantic and incredible establishments on top of a clifftop overlooking the sea and sunset, or you can engage in a 13 course fine dining experience. The choice is yours, and there’s endless choices to choose from.


It goes without saying that Bali is famous for its fantastic beaches. And we’re talking about hundreds of beaches all slightly different. Bali is popular with surfers due to its world-class waves and hosts annual world championships at beaches like Padang Padang in Uluwatu. Then there’s touristy beaches from Kuta up to Seminyak where visitors will hang out on a beanbag watching sunset while drinking a beer. Canggu also has the world famous Echo beach, also popular with surfers and laid back youngsters. And further north of the island you’ll find quiet beaches in small local fishing villages where you can get up early and watch (or even help) the local fisherman return to shore at 7am with their daily catch – it’s an incredible sight.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach


Bali is relatively cheap compared to other honeymoon destinations. Unlike other well-known honeymoon destinations Bali is famed for being cheap in comparison. Whilst places like Fiji, Boracay, or even Phuket can end up costing a small fortune, you’d be surprised just how manageable a honeymoon in Bali can be if you want it to be.

Local People

Balinese people are generally the most kind you’ll ever meet. Their culture is warm and welcoming and within a few days of being there you’ll feel like Bali is your second home. While you might experience some hassling and heckling when you’re in the main strip of Kuta, once you venture a little further out you’ll realise just how sweet natured and helpful the Balinese really are.

So whether you’re after a mixture of adventure and relaxation or just want to explore more of this exquisite island, Bali should definitely be on your list of honeymoon destinations after your 2017 wedding. Happy honeymooning!