The Fun and Challenges of Multigenerational Family Travel

As longevity and affluence become more abundant, excursions involving two or three generations of a family have a strong appeal. Sometimes it’s a special event, like a wedding anniversary or a 75th birthday that sets the tone; other times it can just be a desire to be together and build strong memories of good times.

Whatever the reason, detailed planning will ensure a memorable, stress-free trip.

Multigenerational Family Travel

Find common ground

If there is a family passion– like nature, animals, or sea and sand—this can be a good starting point for investigating trips that include these activities.

Choose the right destination

Factor in the physical stamina of the participants, as well as the activities you plan, to insure you meet everyone’s needs, and no one feels left out. Cruises and resorts often have the breadth of activities for all age ranges that you need. Ships offer on-board activities and quiet time for the elders while the younger set is off exploring. Resorts typically serve up a plethora of events and activities to target a variety of ages.

Family Travel

Book well in advance

With the hectic pace of life for adults, and the scheduling conflicts even kids have, making time for a multigenerational family getaway can be a challenge. Eighteen to twenty-four months is not too far in advance to plan an excursion of this type. You’ll need a group of rooms that you would prefer be together, and you can take advantage of the early-booking deals often offered by cruises and resorts.

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