Beaches in Riga and Jurmala – for your lazy weekend

Encounter the true Baltic spirit in Riga and Jurmala beaches

One of the best things about living in the Baltics is, of course, the Baltic Sea. Sandy white beaches, beautiful scenery and of course gems of the Baltics – amber stones. This and much more can be discovered in any one of the many fantastic Baltic beaches, which strangely are still kept a bit of a secret! The great things about tours in Riga are the opportunity you get to enjoy the sun in one of the beautiful beaches of Riga and even in the gorgeous resort of Jurmala. Every Riga travel guide will tell you the same – you absolutely MUST visit the beautiful Baltic Sea shore!

Riga, Jurmala beach

Taking a break from the city

Riga is a truly beautiful place, but the city can be tiring. Lucky enough, just outside the city lays the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea. One of the most popular ones Is the Vakarbulli beach. This Blue Flag beach (meaning it’s safe, clean and all in all excellent) located in Riga will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the full Baltic Sea experience. Spend your time sunbathing in the dunes, playing in the white sand or swimming in the beautiful and mystical Baltic Sea. This beach is covered by basically any tours of Riga and even if It isn’t – you won’t have any problems reaching it!

Kite party in Riga beach
Kite party in Riga beach

Vecaki is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in Latvia. Full of playgrounds for children, bars located just on the sea shore and the most amazing Baltic Sea view you could find. If that doesn’t sound like a dream coming true, then I don’t know what does!

Catching the sun in Jurmala

Now, the good thing about tours in Riga is the opportunity to see Jurmala. This fantastic resort is located near Latvia’s capital and is incredibly easy to reach. And believe me – it’s worth the trip! Jurmala is famous for its incredible beaches.

Surrounded by beautiful pine forests and dunes lies the magnificent beaches of Jurmala. No matter what you are looking for – relaxing on the beach or partying until you see the sunrise, Jurmala’s beaches will guarantee you a wonderful time. The beaches are clean, safe and children – friendly. And in the night time, quiet bars turn into a spot for wild parties, so you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Beautiful beach in Latvia
Beautiful beach in Latvia

As a Baltic native, I can assure you – nothing is more special than the Baltic Sea. There is surely a reason for all the fairy-tales and myths created about the magical and mystical seaside. Trust your Riga travel guide and enjoy your time on the calming, beautiful beaches, where all you see is the sea.