5 Reasons Why Canberra Should be Your Next Travel Destination

As you may or may not already know, Canberra is the capital city of Australia, located only about half an hour away from Sydney, if you travel by plane, or about a 3 trip, if you decide to travel by car. There is no doubt that Australia’s capital city, Canberra should be your next travel destination, having been described by the New York Times as a city that has a lot to offer.


While visiting Canberra, you can enjoy both urban and rural stunning environments, offering both a hub for culture and arts, as well as vast breathtaking landscape where you can partake in adventurous activities. If what we said so far has not been convincing enough for the experienced traveler, the specialists at Bricks + Agent, an online real estate platform have created this list of reasons why visiting Canberra is a must.

  1. Riding Hot Air Balloons. You can get a spectacular view of the city while riding a hot air balloon, making this activity one of Canberra’s main attractions and a very fun way to start your holiday. You’ll get to take in all of this city’s beauty from above and if you would rather remain on the ground, you’ll still be able to enjoy yourself, as seeing the sky filled with beautifully colored hot air balloons is also a unique experience.
  2. Lots of Museums with Free Admission. Yes, as extraordinary as this sounds, it happens to be true. What more can a tourist wish for when the culture and arts of a city can be enjoyed for free. We admit that while visiting other cities, we had to give up on certain museums because we could not quite afford the entrance fee, but when in Canberra, we were always happy not to have to think about our budget. However, not all museums are free, so do not get discouraged if you happen to walk in one that charges a fee.
  3. Many Opportunities for Sports Enthusiasts. Canberra’s landscape happens to be perfect for a wide range of sports, especially extreme ones, from marathons to mountain biking, and rock climbing, you can find it all. If, like us, you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you can go to Stromlo Forest Park, which is a gathering place for BMX riders, mountain bikers, and all kinds of cyclists. If you are also a cyclist, you will feel at home there and you will also learn about any events or fun things to do from the people there.
  4. Beautiful Flowers. Canberra’s flower festival is an amazing event, and even if you are not into flowers, you will still be amazed by all those beautiful colors. This festival showcases millions of blooming flowers and takes place in  Canberra’s Commonwealth Park. Additionally, the admission is free for this event, so there is no excuse for you not to go and enjoy it, and if you stay for the night you will also be able to see the evening events, called the Floriade Nightfest.
  5. Great Food and Wine. To truly experience the Canberran life, you simply must taste the local wines by taking part in the Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival. During this festival you can take a wine tour during which you will visit more than 20 exquisite wineries. Not only will you get to discover some amazing places such as the vines and the vintage cellars, but you will also take part in several rounds of delicious food and wine tastings.
Parliament house Canberra

Parliament house Canberra