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Top 10 places to plan your vacation or trip

What are the characteristics of an ideal travel destination? In this article, we will talk about what constitutes an ideal destination. (more…)

Top 10 Most Famous Volcanoes in the World

The experts can give you a plethora of scientific information on volcanoes, and all of it is fascinating.  For the layman, however, volcanoes remain wonderful natural phenomena, whether to gaze at or to visit.  It’s worth remembering that, during our childhood, volcanoes appeal to our imagination, perhaps similar to the way in which we discover dinosaurs.  Unfortunately, dinosaurs can’t be experienced in reality, but volcanoes…..
Here is a top ten list of the most famous volcanoes around the world. (more…)

How can a hotel booking software make your holiday planning easier?

Everyone deserves holidays, but organising a trip may be a real nightmare. If it requires tons of paperwork and wastes your precious time, you may find it difficult to enjoy them. Fortunately, at least booking can stop being a nuisance thanks to hotel booking software. With its help, you will be able to find and book a perfect room in the hotel that will appeal to you. (more…)

10 Things To Look For When Deciding A Resort

Life has become increasingly fast in the modern age. Everything happens at a break-neck speed, and everyone is afraid of slowing down. It seems that the phrase “Time is Money” has hijacked our normal thought processes and so, increasingly, we put off that vacation that we know we earned. (more…)

Blind booking: book your “I don’t know where I am flying to” trip


Enjoy a King-size Stay at Plush Bangalore Hotels

Bangalore, one of the leading IT hubs of the country, is a hotspot destination for both business and leisure travellers. Fondly called as the Garden City, this place is home to a number of renowned education and government institutions, besides a number of IT MNCs. A reason why it is always on the radar of leisure travellers is its moderate climate. (more…)

Best All Inclusive Resorts for Couples

These offer romantic getaways of all types. Large romance inspired suites will create a scene for any cupid loving couple. Frolicking in the sea or horse back riding on the beach will create the dream getaway for any couple at a price that won’t break the bank. The best all inclusive resorts for couples can help you celebrate your anniversary in style as well as create a fantasy honey moon to remember. (more…)