Hundred Islands National Park, Philippines

A trip to Hundred Islands National Park and its home, Alaminos City in Pangasinan (Philippines), is a great diversion from the hustle and bustle of the busy, urban life. Breathe in the refreshing views – rice paddies, azure sea – and the rustic and peaceful lifestyle as you make your way to Alaminos City. And upon arrival, savor the city’s unique and dynamic spirit, friendly atmosphere and especially, the beauty and adventure that lies in the hundred wonders that is Hundred Islands.

Hundred Islands National Park

Public bus lines have scheduled rides from Manila, Baguio, Dagupan, Subic, Tarlac, and Zambales bound straight to Alaminos City and vice versa. From the bus terminal, either by private vehicle or tricycle, the Lucap Wharf (Hundred Islands National Park mainland) is only a 10 to 15-minute ride away. You can find boats bound for the islands docked near the Wharf, with the Hundred Islands National Park Center staff eager to assist you with information and other things you’ll need for your island adventure. The nearest islands from the Lucap Wharf are Sulpot Island, Monkey Island, Abad Santos Island and Hernandez Island, which are all 15 to 20 minutes away. The major islands, Children’s, Governor’s and Quezon can be reached after a 25 to 45-minute boat ride. Specifically, Governor’s Island is a 20 minute boat ride, Children’s Island is a 25 minute ride and the Quezon Island is a 30 minute ride.

Hundred Islands National Park

Hundred Islands National Park in the Philippines covers a land area of 1,884 hectares with 123 islands. However, only 3 islands have been developed for tourists namely : Governor, Quezon and Children’s Islands

Of the 3 islands, the Governor’s Island keeps a Guesthouse which is ideal for family use. It has 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, comfort room/bath and kitchen. Linens, water (1 drum), light, electric fans, dining and cooking utensils/equipment are provided for. Gen-set provides electric power.

The bahay kubos and mini pavilion at Children’s Island are for budget travelers as it consists only of screened bedrooms with fresh water and linens. Kerosene lighting is provided for. Common areas are provided for dining and cooking as well as for toilet and bath.

At Lucap Point, the main building houses a conference room, restaurant and accommodation facilities. A tower-type building near the Lucap Park houses an office at the ground floor which monitors the flow of tourists to the said islands.

Hundred Islands National Park

In the park, you may lose yourself among a hundred and twenty three islands, scattered like emeralds in the deep blue waters off Pangasinan. Unexplored coves and islets await seekers of solitude. Each one in its own pristine beauty basks in the sun, lapped by the waters of the Lingayen Gulf.

This is one wonderful beach getaway you shouldn’t miss if you visit the Philippines!