Airline and Road Travel Tips for US Travelers

A luxury trip to the US is always an exciting affair, especially if you approach it with as few uncertainties as possible. If you’re travelling to the US for the first time the tips in this piece will help guide your preparation.

So let’s dive into the juicy tips we have in store for you.

Documentation and VISAs

You need to make sure that you have the necessary documentation such as a VISA, or US ESTA if you are from an eligible country. Regulations vary from country to country so ensure you have all the required border entry documents that you require.

Air Travel

Be Early During the Busy Times

It’s essential that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure time. The busiest travel times of the year are normally during the week of Thanksgiving and the weeks of Christmas and New Year. Generally, Monday mornings and Friday afternoons are very busy at most airports. During those times, security check lines can be long.

Air Travel

Choose Non-Stop Flights

To minimize delays at airports, it’s preferable for you to choose non-stop flights. Non-stop flights are different from direct flights. Direct flights can touch down at other airports before reaching the final destination. If possible always book flights in the morning as there are fewer chances of delay and cancellation, especially during winter when weather often interferes with flight.

Wear Your Identification Card

Always have your identification close by as Airline Passengers are asked for identification several times. Wearing a lanyard with a plastic holder for your passport is convenient for easy access. Airport security will also ask you to remove your footwear, so slip-on shoes and clean socks are a good idea.


When it comes to luggage, always ask the airline about their luggage price rate. Luggage across all the major airlines now attracts additional fees. The prices vary between airlines and they often change without prior notice. But expect to pay for the first, second and beyond checked bags.

Bag Locks

It’s advisable not to lock your bags. The Transportation Security  Administration(TSA) often choose a bag at random for inspection and the lock of your bag will be cut off if it’s locked. Alternatively, you can use TSA approved locks that they can easily open using a universal TSA code.

 Air Travel

Packages and Essentials

Do not wrap any gifts when packing your bag. Ensure you carry all valuables, such as medications and electronics in carry-on bags.


If you are travelling with a laptop, you will be required to bring it out and pass it through the x-ray machine separately. Most airlines want it to be charged.

Easy Identification

For easy identification, apart from labeling your luggage inside and outside, it is a good idea to tie a colourful ribbon or anything similar on your luggage. Sometimes ribbons can be torn away or removed. It may be preferable to buy a bag with an unusual colour.


Liquids are generally frowned upon. Liquids, gels or pastes that are not larger than 9cl can be carried in your carry-on bag but you must first wrap them in a 1 liter plastic bag. Also, you will be required to place the bag of cosmetics on top of your luggage while passing it through the x-ray machine.

If you need to carry larger liquid items, you can carry them in your checked luggage. There is generally no restriction on the quantity of medication, breast milk, diabetic nutritional supplements or baby fomular you can carry as they are inspected at check points.

Get Your Own Food for Long Flight

If you’re going on a long flight, be advised that snacks and meals across all major airlines have either decreased or now require you to pay for them. You will be better served if you carry your own food or pick up something on your way to the airport. However, liquids are still not allowed but you can purchase beverages after you’ve passed security screening from airport vendors.

Make Sure Your Luggage is Properly Tagged

Luggage-destination tags often get mixed up during check-in. This is one of the leading causes of misplaced luggage. Learning the 3-letter airport code of your destination and ensuring that your check-in agent labels your bag correctly is a smart move. You can easily learn the code of your destination airport by visiting Airport Technology.

Road Transport

Getting a rental car is a necessity if you plan on moving around the US frequently. A rental car with a navigation system is always best. It allows you to get to your destination more quickly and with minimal fuss.

If you are visiting during the winter months drive with care. Snowstorms, hail and fog are common during winter. If you are visiting a mountainous region, check weather conditions before you embark on any trip. Passes may be closed during bad weather in such regions.

If you’re travelling through cities with a tollway system, you should consider purchasing the local prepaid toll pass. If you prefer not to, always have the exact change required.

These are just a few tips to help you have a smoot trip as you go on your luxury adventure to the US.