Beach Delights in Shoal Bay, Anguilla

The Anguilla in the Caribbean has great tour pleasures and beach delights. Shoal Bay is one of the prettiest Australian coastal towns and has the best to offer on the eastern coast. With its surfing beaches and amazing waters, it is a permanent feature of many tours.

With the calm waters rolling over Box Beach, Zenith Beach and the Wreck Beach, the tours here are filled with a sense of adventure and excitement. A fishing hub, the Shoal Bay is one area, which never ceases to surprise you. The wharf here is now a much favored attraction and a great place for the kids who are regulars here.

Shoal Bay in Anguilla

There are parking facilities for your vessels, which are located mostly in the Zenith beach. People love to come here and enjoy the simple pleasures of a park land and  a heavenly spot. There are many activities that you can enjoy when you stay here and the sea kayaking, paddle boat rides and the fine dining. Fishing along these regions also give you a lot to take back home. There are cruise boat tours which give you the best of tour ecstasies.

Enjoy the grassy area and the foreshore regions, which form the mainstay of tours here. The Shoal bay Country Club exists since 50 years. The history of the area is very popular and the facilities here are very comfortable.

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

You have everything you require for a convenient stay here. This is inclusive of the beautiful national parks, museums and the interesting travel attractions. Visit the port Stephens which is famous for its visual delights. Also, the Tomaree National Park is another fascinating travel spot in this bay.

Visits to Shoal Bay are filled with interesting sights and tour delights.