Budapest Zoo – A Great Family Adventure and Fun

Fully known as the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Gardens, this is one of the top attractions to visit in Budapest if you are with your family. Simply called as ‘zoo’, this nature-dedicated site is the home to several exhibits of Hungary animals as well as of those from other nations, educational events, and entertaining shows. With these features, it goes without saying that the Budapest Zoo is also among the most visited highlights in Europe. Right from the moment you step in to the last second of stepping out, you come across more than 700 fauna species all belonging to the different landscapes as well as climatic zones right from the Savannah to Arctic along with the 2000 flora species. It is certainly not possible to look for all in detail in just one day; so people keep coming back for more and more exploration!

Budapest Zoo

Well, did you that this zoo is one of the most ancient, but perfect zoos on the globe; which even today offers entertainment for all ages. So, no matter what is your age, you seriously have something to cherish at the Budapest Zoo. Nevertheless, the main draw is still the habitats as well as their animals, which seem to be so original as if you are literally on that country’s landscape. So, you literally have a lot of landscapes to explore: lakes, rock caves, sandy desert, small forest, and shore all offering the scenes of the real homes, animals, and plants. And to this, add the delight of expansive green stretches, leafy groves, and remarkable flowers; which render a refreshing, but tranquil atmosphere despite the fact that you are in a bustling town.

Budapest Zoo

Although there are several highlights, you must first look for the latest one been recently refurbished. This is the Elephant House situated at the entrance’s right with a small tower atop for enjoying a great 360 degree vista of the City Park. Awarded with the European Heritage honor, this home boasts oriental walls, majestic Zsolnay ceramic tiles on them, and an exactly required reformation. Now, just see at the left of the entrance where the Palm Tree House & Aquarium stands making an unfailing appeal via its lush tropical plants, birds, fishes, orchids, and reptiles. However, for the small ones, the most appealing attraction in the Budapest Zoo is the animal petting area where there are sheep as well as goats to be greeted and nourished without any fear.

Budapest Zoo

Other attractions to be must explored are the butterfly garden full of vibrant butterflies, refurbished birdhouse, indigenous Hungarian farm animals such as hucul horse, cattle, swallow bellied woolly mudi dogs, bold-necked hens, and cikta sheep in the farm-like structures, the World of Apes (Majomvilág) housing gorillas, lemurs, and mangabeys, Small Rock’s cave restaurant, and playground for climbing, crawling, and sliding.


A majority of the contests as well as shows are scheduled in summer for entertaining the visitors of all ages. Plan to come here in July and August when it is the time for Musical Evenings as well as light music concerts. The former one mostly is dedicated to jazz. Mostly, they are held on Wednesdays at 10.30 pm, but the entry is open until 7:00 pm. So, get in early and spend some ambling in the gardens as well as exploring the aquarium as well as the Elephant House.

Monday is the perfect day to come here. You need to find out for yourself why!

Budapest Zoo events

Entry fees

Adult: 2500 HUF from the Zoo cashiers

Children: 1800 HUF from the Zoo cashiers

Reaching here

Take a trolley bus 72 or go for a M1 (yellow) metro line to get down at Széchenyi fürdo stop.


Budapest Zoo

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