Central Florida Water Parks are Slippery Fun When Wet

So, its mid summer and you haven’t had a chance to get out of the house for a vacation yet, but you really want to head down to Central Florida to experience all it has to offer. With so many places of interest, you never know where you might go. Well, why not take this chance to get away from the mundane of simple theme parks and join millions of others whom favor one of Florida’s most precious gifts: Water! And the competition to attract you as an honored guest at each of the Florida Water Parks is fierce.

Central Florida

Central Florida is Water Park HQ, busting out four water parks with a variety of exciting rides, resorts, relaxation spots, restraunts, and artificial beaches. You can’t go wrong in Central Florida for all your water needs; but perhaps your vacation spot in Florida is elsewhere away from the great Theme Park Capital… well, not to worry! You and your family and friends can still get soaked with fun in areas such as Cape Coral, Daytona Beach, Panama City, Ocala, Tampa Area, West Palm Beach, and Winter Haven, each with their own assortment of water parks and resorts that will have you dripping wet from excitement.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach

Being the one who put Central Florida on the map for Theme Park fun, you know Disney has something to offer for its water loving residents and guests. Take your pick between two dynamically different water parks here from Disney; you’re sure to enjoy yourself and your family!

Typhoon Lagoon is the tropical getaway for anyone wanting fun in the sun Florida style. Breaking waves, saltwater snorkeling pool and gushing water surges are just some of the excitement you will find here.

Blizzard Beach is the northern mountain ski resort style. Bobsledding down the “snowy” slopes of Mt. Gushmore or plunging straight down Summit Plummet at up to 55 mph, you know its time to mix the great north with sunny Florida!

SeaWorld’s Aquatica

One of the most anticipated parks ever, Aquatica in Orlando brings home a new theme to water parks: The South Sea Islands of New Zealand. Opened since April 2008, Aquatica is more than just your average water park. SeaWorld has merged their idea of interacting humans with aquatic life and built a water park around it, where you too can get wet.

Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica features a wide assortment of rides and attractions, all new to the general public. Let Dolphin Plunge turn you into the sea mammal you were born to be as you fly through 250 feet of clear tubes beneath the water. The Commerson’s dolphins are happy to accommodate you into their dwelling, even if only for the short time in which you are zooming through. Competing with Wet ‘n Wild’s Surf Lagoon Wave Pool, Aquatica has unleashed the twin wave pools named the Big Surf Shores & Cutback Cove. These two wave pools operate individually of one another to create two different experiences and to adjust to the styles of various guests. We can’t forget about the kiddies! Walkabout Waters is a water world, interactive playground just for the younglings. Kids will enjoy all the fun of being at the school or local park’s playgrounds, while adding all the fun and excitement of water and other various adventures Aquatica has to offer. For your Orlando family vacation find great hotel deals at Reservations.com.

Wet ‘n Wild

First up on the list is the most popular and highly attractive Wet ‘n Wild. The name says it all, promising to bring out the water animal in you. Now, if going out to have crazy fun is not your style, perhaps tanning out at the wave pool or chilling at the Lazy River is your cup of tea. No matter what your taste, you will NOT be disappointed.

Wet ‘n Wild is known for its most famous ride, The Next Generation: The Black Hole, a two person capsule that plunges into the dark unknown and out into a splashing finish that is sure to have you screaming. Don’t get drowned out yet; take a stab at the Surf Lagoon Wave Pool. Four foot waves will roll over a span of the 17,000 square foot wave pool that will give you a taste of what Florida beaches are like… without our good friends the sharks of course! Lastly, get washed out in the Brain Wash. Loose your mind with another friend or three on a trip into insanity. Group therapy was hardly ever this much fun.