How to Save Money While Traveling

Traveling, especially overseas, can be either a pleasant experience or a painful one depending on how you plan the trip. Most tourists travel on a limited budget and chances are that you too belong to this category. This is why you should plan your itinerary at least a month before the departure date. This ensures that you do not face financial problems during the trip.

Save on transportation

When you don’t know where you are going you run the risk of getting ripped off by taxi’s or wasting a lot of time getting lost.  Download which is a free map app that enables you to pin all the places you want to visit and it doesn’t require data.  Many of the attractions you want to visit may be all in a walkable distance from each other, this app will enable you to save money on transport and get around easily. You can also use the sat nav on this app to make sure that taxi’s take the most direct route.


Save on communication

No doubt, a free WiFi connection at the hotel saves you a lot of money while talking with friends and relatives back home. However, you can burn a hole in your pocket if you depend on your service provider to make or receive calls from your relatives and friends while on the move. Slash this cost by taking portable Wi-Fi and worldwide data SIM card with you as you will be able to get an internet connection on up to 10 different devices anywhere in the world, for the lowest possible price.

portable Wi-Fi

Save on accommodation

Sometimes hotels outside of the central area can be cheaper but then you can just spend a lot of money, and time of getting to the attractions in the centre. Location is therefore a big factor, if you can walk to everything your trip will be so much easier. Look for a hotel that includes free WiFi as this will reduce your roaming charges.


Save on flights

Are budget airlines really cheaper?  Sometimes once you add on the cost of baggage, food, drinks and the cost of getting to an airport that isn’t actually that near the destination you are visiting then sometimes is actually easier and more cost effective to get a full priced flight. Make sure you work out the cost of the extras when you are looking at flights!


Save on dining

Any restaurant with an English menu is generally always going to charge you a lot more than the local rates as they are aimed at tourists. Instead, visit local eateries and restaurants and get a real culinary experience. Find out where the locals dine as often these restaurants are of the same quality as that of their costly counterparts… in fact, some of them offer better quality food than the tourist restaurants do. It also gives you an opportunity to mix with the local people and learn more about their culture and traditions. You can also get helpful hints from them that will make your trip a memorable one.


Cutting costs doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality!  When you are looking for budget options sometimes the cheapest option has many added extras or hidden costs so always keep this in mind when estimating travel costs.