Indonesia culture

Are you geared up to go on your trip to Indonesia? Why not make it pleasurable by taking a quick peek-a-boo at the interesting Indonesian culture and cuisine? There indeed is no better way to feel at home in a foreign country like Indonesia other than familiarizing yourself with its rich culture and trends. Like any other place of the world, Indonesia too practices its own cultures, religions and etiquette. Come browse through some important and useful information about Indonesia by reading about its culture, religion, and etiquette.

Indonesia culture

Indonesian Culture

Indonesian culture boasts of a mix of various cultures from across the world and this is mainly because of the several foreign influences that took place in this destination. There are more than 300 languages spoken in Indonesia and the majority belongs to the Malay-Polynesian group. That apart anyone who visits this place can easily vouch out for the amazing cultural fusion-taking place in terms of lifestyle and values.

Indonesian Religion

Having a cosmopolitan culture, this place is a home to people of various religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism while Islam is the predominant religion. According to a survey in 1998, 88% of the whole Indonesian population comprised of Muslims, 5% Protestants, 3 % Catholic, 2% Hindu and 1% each Buddhist and other religions.

Indonesian Etiquettes

You can win the hearts of Indonesians during your Indonesia travel, if you care to know about some basic etiquette liked by the local people there. Listed below are some Indonesian etiquette:
* Try not to handshake with the Muslim women in Indonesia.
* Avoid visiting people in Indonesia without prior information.
* Always reciprocate the greeting or Salam offered to you by an Indonesian.
* Always remove your footwear before entering places of worship.
* Make sure to use your right hand for eating.
* Never refuse any drink offered to you by an Indonesian.
* Always remove your footwear before entering an Indonesian’s house.

Now that you have fair idea of what you can expect in Indonesia in terms of culture; bravely go ahead and explore the delights of this enthralling country.