Long term rentals in Selangor – a quick market overview

Selangor is considered as the most progressive and developed state among all the states in Malaysia.  It is located quite close to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has a large economy and Selangor is the hub of many industrial clusters. The major part of the state’s income comes from tourism. It has a great infrastructure and many come to Selangor to find the right job. It is popular for its innovative and highly skilled workforce and offers cosmopolitan living standards to its residents.  Many prefer to live in Selangor when they move to Malaysia for work as it has a mix of the calm and quiet neighborhoods along with the liveliness of a bustling town.  Other points which make Selangor the highly sought after place for residence are:

  • Selangor contributes majorly to Malaysia’s GDP
  • It has many institutions for higher learning
  • It is free from any kind of natural disasters
  • Selangor’s close proximity to the business center (Kuala Lumpur) and the administrative capital ( Putrajaya)

Popular places to look for rentals

If you are looking for a place to live in Selangor, it is advisable that you check out the houses for rent in Selangor with the help of a reputed property agent. The property agents will have a long list of properties that are available for rent and you could pick the one that suits your requirements. They can also help you out with all the legal formalities while renting out the place to live. Below mentioned are popular places to look for:

Shah Alam- In this area you can find many hypermarket and shopping centers. This area is well-connected with public transport.

Sepang- Sepang has many food joints and is the best choice for food lovers who would want to try different cuisines. You can also explore nearby villages and is a great place if you love hiking.  There are many options for budget-friendly condos here.

Cyberjaya- Cyberjaya is known for its condos of different sizes.  All the lifestyle amenities like dine-out, malls, etc can be found here. It is well connected with South Klang Valley Expressway, Putrajaya Link and North-South Expressway. This area is the right choice if you love to live in a quiet neighborhood. There is Putrajaya Lake for nature lovers. Apart from that, there are great schools and colleges located in this area.

Selangor rentals

Long term Rental Vs Short term Rental

If your job requires you to stay for a longer period, it would be good if you can choose a long term rental in Selangor.  If you choose a short-term rental, it may not be worthy of your money as they will be expensive than Long term rentals. Short-term rentals are usually chosen by people who are a tourist or who work for a short-term contract job.  Whatever be the type of accommodation, you need to choose the right property agents that will have or know about the right place for you to move in so you don’t feel alien in a foreign country.