Luxury Mexico Vacation

The United State’s neighbor to the south, but Mexico is so much more than that. The beautiful Gulf Coast borders it to one side with the Pacific Ocean lining the other, Mexico also has both a Gulf of Mexico Coast and a Caribbean Coast, making this spectacular place a great target for tourists. On your next Luxury Cancun All-Inclusive vacation, you can have it all: Mexico’s uniquely sculpted landscape, amazing contrasts between ancient and modern, a lively indigenous culture cleverly intermixed with chic cosmopolitan cities, and beaches, lots and lots of beaches.

Luxury Mexico

Mexico has a land area that extends 1,964,375 sq. km. Divided into six regions, each of them offers different Luxury Mexico vacations for you to choose from.

Northern Mexico – Desert, Dunes and the Sierra Madre

Stretching across miles of deserts and dunes, Northern Mexico embraces the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora, Durango, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas. The mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre border both the eastern and western sky, providing you spectacular mountain views of sunrise and sunset. If you lack to add a dash of adventure and nature-loving in your Luxury Mexico vacation, then this region is right for you.

Do you like camping? Or do you like to bring beautiful photography with you when you come home from a Luxury Mexico vacation? The hot springs and beautiful sights in the Cuatro Cienegas desert in Coahuila should pique your interest as well inspire your more artistic sensibilities. The state of Zacatecas offers you a glimpse of Mexico’s colonial days with its beautiful colonial buildings lining streets that date back to the time of the first Spanish settlers but with modern conveniences like the suspended cable car hanging up above and city landmarks like the Cerro de la Bufa. Chihuahua offers you a Luxury Mexico vacation spent touring the past with a visit to the ruins of Paquime or a view of the traditional art of the Raramuri Indians.

There are plenty more things that a Luxury Mexico vacation in the Northern region can offer you. The area features lots of archeological zones and beaches in Guayamas, San Carlos, Bahia de Kino, and Puerto Penasco.

Luxury Mexico

Central Mexico – Mexico’s Heartland

As one of the country’s richest regions in terms of culture and beauty, be prepared to be amazed when you go on a Luxury Mexico vacation in this region. From the outer limits of a high plateau in the north to the edge of the Sierra Madre range in the south, the territory offers you Mexico City, the nation’s capital, and one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It has everything from the captivating architecture of the aging buildings in the city’s Historic Center to the old world façade of the Basilica of Guadalupe. Also nearby are intriguing archeological zones where you are given the opportunity to discover on your Luxury Mexico vacation the deep historic roots of this diverse country as well as the tranquility of its numerous forests, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, springs and caverns. Activities include rapelling, rafting, cave exploring, scuba diving, camping, rock climbing, and nature observing.