Top 5 Reasons Why Millions of Tourists Travel To Turkey Each Year

Much is written about Turkish hospitality, which is one of the reasons why tourism is booming in this country. Turkey is so much more than just a travel destination with great resorts and stunning beaches. However, it seems that many of their tourist are not there for this. Great resorts and excellent hospitality are more important why you should visit someplace.

In this article, we will talk about several reasons why millions of people visit Turkey each year. Some of them might surprise you pleasantly.


#5 Medical Tourism

Turkey is well-known and already established in the medical tourism sector. People from all over the world travel to Turkey for all sorts of medical treatments. They offer a combination of world-class doctors working in world-class facilities and very competitive prices.

For example, the UK Smiles veneer clinic is a company located in Antalya. They offer world-class dental treatments to all UK citizens at incredibly competitive prices. And the best part of all is that they manage to make it part of your vacation. In between sunbathing and relaxing, you will have your smile restored.

#4 Land of Many Mysteries

Some people believe that the city of Troy is in Turkey. Why not start exploring and try to find the glorious city of Troy? If you are not into that, you can try something more spiritual like talking to Sufi mystics. Sufism is part of Islam that is also known as “Islamic mysticism”.

Troy Roman Odeon

#3 Rich Cultural and Historical Heritage

Turkey is spread over two continents – Asia and Europe. It is a country with a rich historical and cultural heritage that is felt wherever you go. There are remains of different empires that came to being in different time periods including the Romans, Lycian, Byzantines, Seljuk, and Ottomans.

Chimaera’s burning flames, Cappadocia’s underground cities, Sultanahmet’s district in Istanbul, Pergamon, these are one of the few places that are one of a kind. They make Turkey a truly exceptional travel destination.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Europa´s castle on Bosporus

#2 Experience Local Traditions

Turkish people are very traditional and are proud of that. At the same time, they like to show their traditions and customs to other people. There is always some festival or some local happening you can enjoy. That way, you can truly capture the local essence and experience the true nature of Turkey.

Istanbul- Grand Bazaar

#1 Turkish Cuisine

Nowadays, there are Turkish restaurants pretty much everywhere in the world. But it’s one thing to taste Turkish food abroad, and completely another experience in Turkey. Each part of Turkey is known for some particular dish that is made there using local ingredients.

Turkish traditional kebap

In Conclusion

If you want to experience something different, something unique, something memorable, then Turkey might be the right thing for you. Perhaps you can even come back from your Turkish holiday with a new smile. That’s both in the figurative and literal meaning. Millions of people take advantage of all that. Why shouldn’t you do that as well?