Adventure holiday for the family – Camping at the Baltic Sea

Many families in Germany use the summer months to take a break from school, work and the stress. At the most since the possibility to travel Europe-wide without restrictions, the travel destinations of Germans are more diversified than ever before. Nonetheless, the Baltic Sea as a national destination has been unbeaten for decades. In addition to determining a destination, the next question is what character the upcoming holiday should have.

The two most common types of holiday are hotel or camping holidays. Both types of holiday are possible at the Baltic Sea. In order to make a family-oriented decision, it is important to be clear about the holiday requirements. 

Rosenfelder Beach

Especially with children, a stay in a hotel is not always as easy as you might imagine it would be. Children are curious by nature and are full of energy, especially on holiday. A hotel with all the rules and guests who like to complain about children being too loud is not always the ideal destination. A visit to a campsite is far less complicated. Numerous offers such as playgrounds or animation offer the children enough capacity, so that the parents can sit comfortably on the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea.

One of the biggest differences to a classic hotel holiday, however, is the differentiated perception of the types of holiday. During a hotel holiday you are usually annoyed by the overcrowded hotels in the high season, whereas on the campsite you sit around the campfire with your neighbours and enjoy a cool drink, while the children play cards with their newly won playmates.  For example, Campsite at the Rosenfelder Beach has a wide and interesting offer for the camping holidays. They offer not only camping spot, but also varied holiday programme and activities for children which can keep them busy and make their holidays full of advantages.

Rosenfelder Beach

The price of a camping holiday is also very different from that of a hotel visit. While a hotel visit is set at a flat rate with a very high price, you pay much less on a campsite. The prices mainly depend on the pitch and the number of persons. Thus a 7-day vacation on a camping site at the Baltic Sea with 2 adults and 2 children is already possible from 250 €. More information about the prices and offer you can check here:

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