Everything You Need Know to About Accommodation in Aruba

Aruba is considered as the best travel destination in that part of the world. The fact that year by year, it is the island with the highest percentage of repetitive visitors, which speaks volumes about this tiny island’s popularity.

Palm Beach, Aruba

Then there is the perfect weather, the variety of exciting activities to do, the super-friendly locals, and the fact that it is quite affordable.

Knowing all that, the only thing that might be keeping you booking your ticket to this slice of heaven is the accommodation. But before we break down each of the popular accommodation categories, know that Aruba is a rather small island. So, because of that, it doesn’t matter where you stay. You can get anywhere you like with ease and fast.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Those that prefer convenience over everything else, all-inclusive accommodation, is the way to go. Each of the all-inclusive properties in Aruba tries to be unique. Because of that, it is important to see which “unique” matches your personal preferences above all. Some of the most famous all-inclusive resorts include Divi Aruba, Rui Palace Aruba, Holiday Inn Aruba, etc.

aruba all inclusive resort

Hotels and Resorts

Traditional hotels and resorts are a top option for those that don’t want everything served in a single place, such as an all-inclusive property. So anyone interested in visiting various destinations, exploring on their own, dinning in different restaurants, a traditional hotel or resort is an unmistakable better option. Some of the most notable standard hotels and resorts in Aruba are Serene by the Sea, Hilton Aruba Resort and Casino, Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, etc.

Vacation Rentals

More and more tourists come to Aruba to experience what it feels to live there. To that end, many tourists choose Aruba vacation rentals instead of hotels and resorts.

One of the best things about this type of vacation is the wide selection of vacation rentals, from affordable apartments and private homes to over the top private villas, and pretty much anything in between. Some of the vacation rentals are well off the mainstream tourist destinations and embed in the local Arubian communities.

Aruba Vacation Rentals

Super Luxury Accommodations

Some folks like to splash out because they can, they enjoy that, and most importantly, because they can afford it. Again, Aruba caters to even the most peculiar tastes. Some of the most notable resorts and hotels in this category are Bucuti&Tara Beach Resort, Aruba Marriott, Hyatt Regency, and others.

Affordable Options

On the other side of the specter are budget-friendly options. But know that just because they are considered budget-hotels, their standards are pretty high as their rooms are excellent, well-furnished, well-maintained, etc. Some of the most popular budget-friendly accommodations in Aruba include the Caribbean Palm Village Resort and Serene by the Sea.

aruba all inclusive resort


Folks in need of an extended stay should consider opting for a timeshare. There is a wide selection of timeshares on Aruba. Timeshares are nothing new in this part of the world, especially in Aruba, that featured timeshares even back in the ’70s.