Get Even More Out Of Your Travels – Where To Meet Women When You’re Traveling

They say that travel broadens the mind and there can be no argument that the excitement of new places, sights, smells, sounds and tastes can make every travel experience into one that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

For the single man traveling alone however the experience can get a little lonely and having someone of the opposite sex to share it with will make the entire experience that much more pleasant.

The question is where do you meet married women who might be willing to share in the wonder of your travels?

The wonderful thing about traveling is that you will always have something to break the ice, discussions about sights of interest, your backgrounds and other conversation topics make it even easier to get to know someone of the opposite sex and not have to endure those awkward silences.

married woman traveling alone

And the beauty of travel is that you do not have to go far to meet someone new. If you are staying at a hostel striking up a conversation with one of your fellow travelers is the most natural thing in the world. If you are staying at a hotel the hotel bar is a great place to meet interesting people from all over the world including women.

Of course for those who want a higher energy environment the hottest nightclubs in the city where you are based will provide ample opportunity to interact with women. Finding that great club is as easy as using the Internet, or if you are staying at a hotel ask someone at the front desk – a younger member of staff (preferably a woman) will be able to fill you in on the best places to go and have some fun.

A more relaxed option is the local public park – especially in Europe. Europeans view these places as the perfect setting for social interaction and if the weather is warm you are bound to find numerous women taking in the sunshine and relaxing, the perfect setting to strike up a conversation.

If you are in a city with a beach then the beach itself and the promenade that runs along the sands is the perfect place to meet women. They are relaxed and most will be willing to talk to someone who has a foreign accent – they are usually curious about your background and this gives you ample topics for conversation.