Top 5 Pubs and Ruin Bars in Budapest

Budapest is a city that has it all, from amazing historical buildings to some of the best bars in that part of Europe. What’s better than a cold beer or a laid back vodka martini after touring the city all day long? To that end, we have made a list of the five best ruin bars in Budapest included in Budapest Pub Crawl. Some would argue that this or that bar should be on the list, but then each of us has our preferences.

budapest ruin pubs

The following list consists of bars that are popular with both locals and foreigners. The bars here are judged by several factors such as the atmosphere in the bar, their staff, their design, and what visitors think about them. Each bar on the list has at least a hundred reviews and prevailing 4 and 5-star reviews. Here are our top 5 bars in Budapest.

Fekete Kutya

Even though it is pretty close to Kazinczy Street, Fekete Kutya somehow manages to stay out of the way of the rowdy bachelor-party crews. The bar is well supplied, their staff is very experienced and welcoming, and most important of all it has a laid back vibe. Most of its customers are local artists in their 20s and 30s.

Fekete Kutya


Buda is more known for its rolling hills than for its astonishing party scene. However, Nemdebár is one of the few exceptions. It’s a charming neighborhood bar, almost packed with office workers, college students, artists, and tourists. The drinks are cheap, the beer is always cold, and their staff is super friendly. If you want to be in a place where the locals like to hang out, then Nemdebár is a pretty good choice.

Nemdebár Budapest


BÉLA has one of those places that has it all and can be suitable for all sorts of occasions. The fact that it is a full house seven days a week kind of speaks in its popularity. Its eclectic interior creates a unique vibe. In addition to the bar part, BÉLA also is a part cafe and part restaurant.

BÉLA bár Budapest

Dzzs Bár

The Dzzs Bár is very popular with local artists, painters, and musicians. Just being there feels like being in a house party held by the coolest guy in town. The interior is a combination of provocative artworks strategically placed all over the place and worn-out furniture. If you want to mingle with open-minded locals and talk about art, movies, books, philosophy, then there is no better place than the Dzzs Bár.

Dzzs Bár


Kisüzem is located in the well-known Jewish Quarter and is favorite with international students and left-wing intelligentsia. The place is decorated with contemporary art pieces that fit nicely with the interior. The wallet-friendly beverages are another thing you might like about this bar as well. During the day there isn’t much going on, while at night the place comes to life and is way more vibrant. Most weekend nights, it is mission impossible to find a place at the bar.

Kisüzem Budapest
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