What to Eat in Manila?

Rich and delicious food is at the heart of Manila in the Philippines, and you are fortunate if you spend some time there. It is naturally a tourists’ haven, as people come in troves for the cuisines Manila chefs can whip up. Pair that with the scenes and natural ingredients, and there’s a lot to love in Manila.

What to Eat in Manila

However, with many varieties, you might be spoilt for choice. Basil duck fried rice or baked scallops? There can be a lot to try out, and unless you have the pocket and stomach to try them all, you might want to start from the best bit. Below are some of the highlight dishes that are must-haves in Manila.

  1. Salted Yolk Egg Crab

If you are in Manila for the seafood, you’re in luck, as there’s seafood aplenty! The one seafood dish you have to try out is the salted yolk egg crab, for its great taste and rich history. With ties in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines, the salted yolk egg crab has several recipes and methods. Thankfully, some Manila chefs have nailed it to a tee.

The dish’s star is fresh crab, medium to large, following through with scallops, cheese, some garlic, and other condiments. Also, it is a dish you can make at home.

Salted Yolk Egg Crab

  1. Kare-Kare

Do you fancy a peanut-rich Filipino cuisine? Kare-Kare is the way to go. It has a richer character than Adobo and incorporates oriental vegetables as well. Chunks of oxtail get stewed down in peanut sauce whose base is peanut butter. There are several garnishing to go with the dish, such as steamed rice and shrimp paste.


  1. Sushi

There are many sushi restaurants in Manila where you can try out delectable recipes from world-class chefs. Some restaurants specialize in sushi dishes such as nigiri sushi, which is more traditional, with an oval shape due to hand-pressing. There are other familiar sushi types you can try out as well. Several restaurants are happy to offer sushi delivery in Manila for extra convenience.

sushi manila

  1. Kinilaw

Kinilaw is to the Philippines what Ceviche is to Peru and the rest of Latin America. The dish’s foundation is an empirical mix of fish, chilies, tomatoes, and other fragrant spices, with a dash of citrus juice and coconut vinegar. You are most likely to find the dish around fish markets in Manila.


  1. Buko Pie

How about some road-side dessert in Manila? You can have some Buko Pie, indeed! It’s like a custard pie, only thicker with a more prominent crust. Its filling does not have cream but condensed milk. Some of Manila’s restaurants offer rich, even filling, and consistent crust over their Buko pie.

Buko Pie


If you are in Manila – and hopefully settled in – there are several places from where you can eat out. Whether it’s the fish market or sushi delivery in Manila, there’s an expansive range. Manila is fast becoming a hotbed of the sweet and savory. However, you might be confused about where to begin and what to eat, but the list mentioned above might help you start in the right direction.