Some of the World’s Biggest and Most Beautiful Shopping Malls

Although the shopping mall might be considered a mainstay of the Western shopping experience, it is not necessarily in the west where you will now find the biggest malls, nor the most interesting. Around the world, shopping malls appear to be getting bigger, more beautiful, and more surprising.  Many years ago, it was hard to imagine a shopping mall in some of the regions where they now exist, but they do exist and access to these malls is getting easier.  There appears to be some sort of creative competition on just now, and not just for the size of the mall, or the range of the shops.  The competition now includes ‘the wonders’ that these malls wish to offer to their customers.  Where this will end, no one can tell.  But this competition is fantastic news for those people who not only wish to go shopping, but also wish to enjoy a unique experience in the process.  The word ‘mall’, no longer does justice to some of these incredible structures.

Dubai Mall

So that’s the size, the range of the retailers and the creativity covered, but what else?  Well if you are going to build such incredible entertainment centres, it’s only natural that people will travel vast distances to visit them.  Fortunately, the creators of these giant, modern malls, realise that part of the experience, has to include quality food and quality hotels.  With all of these things on offer, it’s not surprising that visiting a famous mall might become ‘a must’ for anyone visiting a country that can boast that it has one.  Here are a number of interesting malls from around the world.

West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Canada

Amazingly conceived, this mall is genuinely an experience in its own right.  It boasts an indoor water park, a galley, an amusement park and lots more.  The largest mall in North America, it is also a great place to go shopping.

West Edmonton Mall

The Dubai Mall

Simply a stunning mall.  One of the biggest in the world, and clearly one of the best, the Dubai Mall boasts an amazing aquarium, a skating rink, cinema, and even a dinosaur, not to mention great food and hotels.

Dubai Mall

Istanbul Cavahir, Istanbul, Turkey

The biggest mall in Europe, this mall comes with indoor palm trees, a multitude of levels and galleries and interesting décor.

Istanbul Cavahir

Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

A mall with a unique visual experience, this mall was designed with ancient Egypt in mind.  Not surprising then, that the visitor will be met with a view of an Egyptian pyramid and a giant lion relaxing proudly at the main entrance.  Interestingly decorated within, the mall covers over 4 million square feet.

Sunway Pyramid Mall

CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand

1 million square metres of shopping mall heaven.  Light, multi-levelled and modern, this mammoth mall is also the location for a hotel and a tower.

CentralWorld Bangkok

Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tastefully presented to the eager shopper, this mall also provides ample office space and a couple of hotels.

Mid Valley Megamall

Isfahan City Center, Isfahan, Iran

6.5 million square metres.  Futuristic, glitzy, and one of the biggest malls in the world, Isfahan City Center also includes a 5-star hotel.