Planning the Perfect Stag Weekend

Really not so long ago, the stag do was cut agonisingly fine. If a stag wasn’t paralytic and tied naked to a lamp post a few hours before his wedding day, it might as well be considered a failure. Now however, stag dos have mutated more into a holiday of revelry, or at least something that should last no shorter than 36 hours. It’s a mammoth party that, with the right planning, no attendee will ever forget.

Get Competitive

Alright, so we’re all agreed booze will undoubtedly play a part in the evening’s festivities, that (in at least 99% of occasions) is a given. But given that a do is often likely to last a couple of nights, it might be a good idea to take a couple of hours’ distraction in the lead up. Stag dos are a brilliant excuse to try out new stuff, or just do stuff you don’t usually get the chance to.


Stag weekends are the probably the best time to take up activities like paintballing, and seeing as you’ll have a good group, you might even be able to hire out the place for yourselves. Even if the stag doesn’t walk away with the handcuff scars, you can still pepper him with enough paintballs to mark a (painful) reminder of the weekend up to the wedding and beyond. Or if you don’t want to shoot each other, take a shotgun to some clay pigeons.

For those groups that like to consider themselves driving aficionados, you can always hit up the Go-Kart circuits. Obviously, drinks probably won’t be flowing when doing this, but you can always arrange a forfeit for the loser, and get a healthy dose of adrenaline in the process.

Head Abroad

Stag dos are the perfect opportunity to organise a weekend abroad, or even a full on holiday. When else are you going to have an excuse to round up all your mates on an occasion when they can’t really say no?

What with so many budget airlines flying to all the top international stag destinations and cheap holiday packages, this isn’t an expensive option. It’s highly likely that you can find plane fares that work out less than a train in the UK.


It’s no secret which destinations rank highly as stag do favourites. Prague still offers incredibly cheap booze, decently priced accommodation, and endless party spots in an amazing city. Ibiza is club heaven, where you can hit the clubs and party all night before staggering down to the beach to recover under the gorgeous Mediterranean sun. And of course, there’s Amsterdam, which still holds the crown for Europe’s best party city – and what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam.

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