Things you need to know before booking a Galapagos Islands Cruise

The Galapagos Islands is an amazing place which contains the rarest species of the land and marine life which everyone would love to see. So, if you are the one who loves to be around the beautiful wildlife, amazing landscapes, and mesmerizing beaches then the tour of Galapagos islands is truly meant for you. Galapagos cruise can be a trip which most of you are waiting for years. It is because it is surely going to be an amazing tour to be on and the most dreaming tour which you can ever experience. But still, to make most out of this amazing tour you have to manage it in a better way so that it can exceed to your expectations and you can get most out of this in a perfect way. By planning in a proper way, you will surely see how these far-flung and remote islands will be ended up completely different than what you have imagined. Well, the time may have come when you are thinking about to book a Galapagos cruise trip but do you know there are some important things which you have to consider?


What are the things which you need to know before booking a Galapagos islands cruise?

Although you are ready to enjoy an amazing and once in a lifetime tour to Galapagos islands but before booking a Galapagos cruise you have to know some of the most important things which you must know. So, having a look at the following things are surely going to be the best for you to know in this regard.

Galapagos travel is not for people with mobility challenges

Well, this is an important thing to know that the Galapagos islands tour is not like the tour of US National Park. It is because the parks in Galapagos islands does not contain paved paths. Therefore, this is not a perfect vacation for the ones with the mobility challenges because getting out of the cruise and simply climbing out of the zodiac on the shore will be an ultimate challenge for such people. Even more, most of the time, you may have to experience a wet landing and walking in knee-deep water would not be preferable for the people with mobility challenges. So, plan the Galapagos cruise trip if you can walk through the hard situations there to have fun with ease. Discover more about Galapagos cruise with Voyagers Travel.


You may experience rough seas there

Although Happiness comes in waves but takes care of your health because being in a cruise for long days can cause seasickness which will destroy the fun of your tour. On a Galapagos Islands Cruise, seasickness can happen certainly. However, if you are going to book your tour anytime in between March to July will help you to have a smoother ride. But sometimes the seas may become rough especially in January and you may experience scary time. Well, the big ships come with the stabilizers which can help the ship to have as smoother ride as possible but the small motor yacht will experience rock and roll which will be enough scary to face.

You can make forever memories there

There is no doubt that the Galapagos Islands contain a lot to enjoy for its visitors. You will always have something there to be a part and to enjoy an amazing time with ease. Galapagos Islands has the ability to give you memories which you can cherish throughout your life with ease. Amazing wildlife, spectacular landscapes, beautiful beaches, delicious foods and all of these things are going to make your trip truly awesome. To stay healthy, you can enjoy amazingly healthy and delicious meals there and can remember their tastes forever. Even if you have allergic issues and want to have some special meal then you can tell your kitchen staff about this. The people are very kind there and they will always love to serve you with exactly what you need to have.

Prepare yourself to wet your feet

You always have to prepare yourself to wet your feet it is because in some situations landing may require you to jump into the water and walk through it a small distance to be on the land. So, it is always important to pack adequate pair of shoes to enjoy such kind of landings which are going to be a true source of fun with ease.

Get some time to relax and refresh yourself

Well, it is always important to give yourself some time to relax. It is because if you are not going to do so then you will end up tired. So, it is important to get some time to relax after your every visit and adopt an activity which can make you relax and refresh for a while with ease. Read a book, have a conversation with your cruise friends, sit back and relax for a while, this will also help you to have some quality time with your travel partners.

Abundance of islands

Well, there is no limitation of your enjoyment when you are on a Galapagos Islands Cruise. Most interestingly the archipelago contains 13 main islands and 5 of which are still inhabited. Along with these major islands, you can find there many smaller islands too as well as small islets or rocks. Which means there is a lot to experience on a Galapagos Islands Cruise.


Not all of the islands have an undiscovered feel

So, this is the most interesting thing to know that not all of the islands there are inhabited. Even though the inhabited islands will not give you a feel of being undiscovered. More than 25,000 people say that the Galapagos Islands is their home. However, approximately half of them are living on Santa Cruz Island. Even more, Isabela, Floreana and San Cristobal islands also have plenty of people living there.

Although Galapagos cruise may not be as your usual luxury cruise but this will let you have an amazing and ultimate trip with ease.