Top 4 Nightlife Spots in Budapest

Ruin bars might sound suspicious, but when it comes to nightlife in Budapest, they offer some of the best experience. These ruin bars are former block of buildings transformed into top hotspots for retro clubbing, and they are among the most atmospheric places to enjoy the nightlife in Europe. Though the Budapest nightlife is more famous for its ruin bars, there are other venues to get on down in Budapest. Among them are the various nightclubs which always leave a great impression.

Budapest pub crawl just got better with the several fun-fantastic venues that offer fun and excitement like no other. Buckle in and enjoy an “out of the world” nightlife experience that attracts tourists from all over Europe and the world.

The nightlife spots in Budapest are fast topping those in London and Berlin. Here are some excellent nightlife spots in Budapest:

#1 Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov is a spacious and stylish ruin bar, a large cultural courtyard space. It is topped with a roof of glass, ensconced with lush plants and trees and entirely draped in glittery lights. Little wonder this ruin pub has fast become a staple of the nightlife scene in Budapest. Located in a lively area in the Jewish Quarter, this cavernous space is genuinely worth every hype. Its varied collection of palinka shots and cocktail is equally impressive.

Mazel Tov Budapest

#2 Akvarium Club

Located in downtown Budapest, this club features several halls which often hosts concerts ranging across the different music genres. It is open from Monday through to Sunday.

Further adding to its appeal is an artsy central room for those who’d like to take a break from dancing. During summer, the events done on its prettily-lit terrace are a fantastic treat for lovers of the nightlife.

Akvarium Club

#3 Szechenyi Spa Baths

Besides being a decadent sauna time venue, Szechenyi Baths is also the location for the Sparty – one of Budapest’s most boisterous nighttime events. Here you will find a full-on party in a thermal spa, pricey cocktails, pumping music, and a “throwing it in the wind” atmosphere. Think of the best imaginable rave in a magnificent Turkish 20th-century bathhouse setting, and Szechenyi fits the bill. It is an ideal setting for the hard-core party lovers. You can dance or swim the night away in a large pool well-lit by flashing lights and lasers. If you want to meet and mingle with other party-lovers such as yourself, this is the place to go.

Moreover, security is on throughout the night to enable a secure environment for all.

Szechenyi Spa Baths Party

#4 Gozsdu Passage

This is a party vortex in Budapest featuring restaurants covered in twinkling fairy lights, a labyrinth of buzzing bars, large spaces that open into gardens and courtyards, directly in the center of Budapest’s 7th District. You can begin and end your night at this vortex as it offers a night filled with fun and new discoveries. Get hooked on edgy cafes, appealing pups, cocktail bars, and karaoke. Moreover, you can also get a place to indulge in a delicious meal. What’s not to like about the Gozsdu Passage?

Gozsdu Passage

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