Top tourist attractions in Fiji

To want to know what Fiji has in store for you and what can be done there, you got to let your imagination run wild as Fiji is as vast as your imagination. Depending upon your personality and the things that are enjoyed by you, tourism in Fiji offers you a multi-cultural tropical setting as your playground. As an example for those who want to take it easy, things to do can be as simple as sunbathing in one of the beaches or taking a tour around Sleeping giant gardens. Attractions in Fiji can be viewed by the visitors in many different ways such as Yatch or cruise by schooner to various islands encompassing the place or may be just a coach tour covering main islands.

For adventurous types, who would not like to see what the deep and blue waters in vast coral reefs has in store inside and hence would like to dive in for a couple of hours. Snorkeling and diving is one of the most sought after things to be done in Fiji which scuba divers from all over the world are attracted to. They enjoy the soft coral reefs that Fiji tourism is proud to call a part of their natural habitat.

The great white wall and the magnificent Bega lagoon are the important tourist’s attractions in Fiji, leaving divers wanting more.

Water sports of various and almost every kind are a huge part of Fiji tourism and include kayaking, swimming and surfing.

Apart from these, adventures like horseback riding, golfing in lush green and challenging landscapes or just a quiet beach picnic or just visiting Fiji museum in Suva are also things you can look forward to. Fiji has six national parks which drives hikers and campers to enjoy the natural beauty of Fiji and allows visitors to get close to tropical fauna and flora in the islands. The most important among these is the Koroyanitu National park, Nadi area, Viti Levu which offers hiking and camping through local villages.

Fiji is filled with many wonderful events throughout the year which are another tourists attraction; one very popular one called Meke, a Fijian dance where locals dress up in national costumes of Tapa clothes, grass skirts and flowers. Women sing and males perform warrior dance in the event.