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The World’s 6 Best Atolls Sites to Visit

A ring of coral that naturally developed around an island’s shoreline and continued to develop upward further taking over the island, causing it to erode away slowly is called an atoll. Atolls are generally reef-building corals that flourish only in warm waters. Continue reading “The World’s 6 Best Atolls Sites to Visit” »

Five Extraordinary Mayan Temples That Will Leave You Speechless

The Maya civilization was once spread across the Central American area, including the territories of present-day nations like southern Mexico, El Salvador, Belize, Western Honduras, and Guatemala. Continue reading “Five Extraordinary Mayan Temples That Will Leave You Speechless” »

Journey to Belize: the very best activities

While a smaller Central American region, Belize gives significantly more than its fair present of holiday related recreation to hold its tourists demanding and amused for days on end. Visit Belize all inclusive resorts for vacation deals. Whenever you are organizing on journeying there consequently keep viewing to observe a minor sample of whatever you may do in just one of probably the most eye-catching Latin American areas. Continue reading “Journey to Belize: the very best activities” »

Driving in Belize

As a tourist, driving yourself around Belize is a wonderful way to see the country. Continue reading “Driving in Belize” »

Belize’s premier all-inclusive luxury resort

Located in the magnificent Cayo District. Adventure in the lap of luxury! A carefree adventure holiday awaits you at Mopan River Resort. Everything for a superb vacation is provided in our all-inclusive rates: Lodging, transfers, expeditions (including Tikal), kayaking, meals, tropical drinks, taxes, service, and the finest hospitality. Continue reading “Belize’s premier all-inclusive luxury resort” »

Weddings and Honeymoons in Belize

belizeBelize offers unique and exotic settings to satisfy all tastes! Prospective brides and grooms are met with an endless choice of distinct settings when choosing a locale in Belize for an unforgettable wedding. Many Belize resorts offer to work closely with couples to help them create the ceremony of their dreams–from atop a Maya temple, to beneath the clear Caribbean waters–anything is possible at all inclusive Belize resorts!

For perfect Belizean weddings and honeymoons, consider these resorts:

Chan Chich Lodge (Northwestern Belize): For a truly unique jungle setting, perhaps nothing in Belize can compare with Chan Chich and its stunning thatched roof cabañas. Continue reading “Weddings and Honeymoons in Belize” »

Caribbean Scuba Diving Vacations

Looking to partake in the warm, clear waters of a Caribbean scuba diving vacation? The warm tropical salt waters, year round warm weather and beautiful white sandy shores of the Caribbean a perfect vacation destination any time of the year for scuba diving. Continue reading “Caribbean Scuba Diving Vacations” »